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Inspect AR Supports All Business Operations

Training & Onboarding

Training a new workforce in the Generation Z era comes with its own set of challenges for companies. Meanwhile, the retirement of experienced employees and their knowledge requires fresh and creative approaches for effective training programs.

With Inspect AR, we facilitate sharing and visualizing technical know-how directly on the job, at the plant, or at the machine, making the learning process more efficient compared to any other method.

  • Clear instructions, images, and checkpoints
  • Independent learning in real situations
  • Quick access to experienced employee knowledge through short videos

Errors are reduced because the necessary knowledge doesn’t have to be translated from theory into practice and applied to the current situation. Since all information is accessible on-site, your employees can better focus on the right procedures and internalize them.

With Inspect AR, you can also continuously document and supplement knowledge from experienced employees, gradually optimizing instructions. So when the baby boomers retire, their expertise remains within your company.

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Inspections – Maintenance – Service

Imagine your employees navigating complex inspection and maintenance processes with ease and confidence, free from the need for extensive expert knowledge. With our software, this is no longer just a vision of the future; it’s a reality. Inspect AR empowers you to create step-by-step instructions with AR overlays and checklists via an intuitive user interface, accessible both in the web browser and on-site directly in the app or through smart glasses.

  • Error-free and efficient work without extensive expert knowledge
  • Real-time error reporting and documentation with just a click – including descriptions, images, videos, and prioritization.
  • Centralized view of all work reports and data analysis for an up-to-date overview of operations

Our system always adapts to your new processes, not the other way around. The next inspection can already be conducted according to the new process, eliminating the need for time-consuming conversion work. Moreover, our processes seamlessly integrate with your IT systems such as SAP and the Microsoft Power Platform.

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Quality Management – Audits – Safety

Often, thousands of inspections need to be conducted per week, accumulating to hundreds of thousands of checkpoints on tanks, centrifuges, valves, and other plant components annually. There’s no space left for human error during testing processes. Unfortunately, highly qualified personnel aren’t always available on-site.

  • Inspect AR instantly transforms every employee into an expert, whether they’re temporary workers or team leaders, enabling them to successfully conduct even complex procedures on-site.
  • Stable and precise navigation via 3D visualization for inspections and rounds allows for the immediate detection and elimination of defects, ensuring smooth process execution.
  • Centralized view of all work reports and data analysis provides an up-to-date overview of all operations.

With Inspect AR, you elevate your audit processes, ensuring that your standards and compliance guidelines consistently remain in the green zone. Our software not only offers step-by-step instructions but also empowers your employees to conduct inspections effortlessly and flawlessly, with full insight and transparency. All compliance requirements, whether technical or related to data privacy, are meticulously met.

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Remote support for troubleshooting

Hardware Independent Application


Unlimited Scalability

Inspect AR is flexible and adapts to any size of company. Whether you’re an individual, a team, or spread across multiple locations, our feature set adapts to your needs and adds value wherever you go.

Stable Working In Offline Mode

With Inspect AR, inspections are possible even in areas with poor or blocked internet connection. If the connection is lost, the reviewer simply continues to work offline. As soon as the internet connection is restored, the data is loaded into the system.

Maximum Security – Cloud or On-premise

With hosting on Azure Cloud, Inspect AR is ready to be used right out of the box, with no infrastructure or installation required. In order to meet increased security requirements, an on-premise installation is of course also possible at any time

Full Automation With SAP / Dynamics

Use our interfaces or enterprise connectors to your IT landscape, e.g. SAP integration and the interface to the Microsoft Power Platform. This allows you to automatically trigger orders and feed the results back for further processing.

100% Hardware Independent

Inspect AR is cross-platform capable: there is a suitable device for every area of application. For the daily routine check-up, the smartphone or tablet is sufficient. If you want to work directly on the object or in demanding environments, augmented reality glasses provide perfect support.

Multiple Languages To Choose From

Do you have employees in multiple countries? Are there often language barriers when it comes to instructions and checklists? Thanks to the multilingual user interface, the instructions are automatically displayed in the language required by your employee and international cooperation is possible without any problems.

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Inspect AR + Almer – Shop-Floor-Bundle

159 EUR per month

The Almer Arc 2 is light and easy to wear with only 179 grams and offers ultimate comfort for long shifts. Inspect AR delivers the digital information directly into your field of view, all executable via voice control – for maximum efficiency with working hands-free.
  • Compact, lightweight for hands-free work
  • Voice control up to 95 decibels
  • All information clearly in the field of vision
  • Battery power for complete shift
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